Niagara Food — The Book

I wrote a book. It's about food and farming in Niagara. 

Here's a blurb to entice you to buy it. 

From peaches to poultry, from world-class wine to inspired cuisine, Niagara is a food lover’s paradise.

Visionary farmers, vintners, chefs, food artisans and food security advocates have all tapped the delicious potential of the peninsula.

Author Tiffany Mayer tells the region’s food and farming story beginning with the first fruit trees planted in this unique microclimate.

Meet the rogue vintners who took a dying wine industry and turned it into a tour de force.

Step into the kitchens of the chefs who make Niagara a delicious destination, and get to know the eclectic cast of characters who help tell the story of Niagara food.  

Where to Buy Niagara Food

If you'd like to read it (and I'd be honoured if you did), here's how you can get a copy:

Order Niagara Food: A Flavourful History of the Peninsula's Bounty (History Press 2014) now:

*Niagara Food will also be available locally at independent and major book stores. 

Niagara Food By Tiffany Mayer, Niagara Food Blogger

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