Garden City Food Co-op fundraiser enters final stretch

Posted Aug 19th, 2016 in Eating Niagara, Food Stories

Garden City Food Co-op fundraiser enters final stretch

The Garden City Food Co-op is in the final stretch of its capital fundraising campaign and is at risk of falling short to open in St. Catharines.

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Sandy Middleton envies other neighbourhoods in St. Catharines.

They all have something her downtown community doesn’t: a full-service, professional grocery store. That means when she needs a can of tomatoes to make supper, she has to get in her car and try her luck with traffic on Geneva Street, Fourth Avenue or through Old Glen Ridge to get to a store that sells what she needs. She’d much rather walk or bike, both possibilities if there was something closer to home. “I believe in a smaller footprint,” Middleton said. “Downtown St. Catharines should be no different (than other neighbourhoods).”

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