From beer guy to bread man at Old Port Bread Co.

Posted Jul 13th, 2016 in Eating Niagara, Food Stories

From beer guy to bread man at Old Port Bread Co.

Ethan Lepp of Old Port Bread Co. is making a name for himself as the bread guy after spending years serving beer at the Kilt and Clover.

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It was a municipal election not long ago when one of the incumbents touted Grantham as the only ward in the city without a grocery store.

Turns out, what I lack in frozen food aisles in my north St. Catharines neighbourhood, I make up for with a bread fairy. He’s known more officially as Ethan Lepp, proprietor of Old Port Bread Co. It’s a startup bakery out of Lepp’s home in neighbouring Port Dalhousie ward, specializing in spelt rounds, and sweet and savoury loaves that he’ll deliver to your door.

The catch: you have to live in the city’s north end. “This area is pretty special to me,” said Lepp, a lifelong Port Dalhousie resident. “With all the problems with the development (in Port), I thought this area needed some home-cooking. Delivering it is a throwback … I thought it would be fun and it is because people are always happy when I get to their door.”

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