Getting to know grape growers: The Funk Family of St. Catharines

Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 in Eating Niagara

Getting to know grape growers: The Funk Family of St. Catharines

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Great wine starts in the vineyard

The following post was supplied by the Grape Growers of Ontario, which is doing a series of videos on the men and women growing the grapes that make Ontario's spectacular wines. To help share the stories, Eating Niagara is donating space on this website.

The Funk family, grape growers in St. Catharines.

Doug Funk, his son Doug Jr., and his brother Randy tend the family vineyards in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Having grown up on a fruit farm, working in the vineyards with their grandfather and uncles, the Funk family knows that good wine starts with good quality grapes. The Grape Growers of Ontario invite you to meet our growers and watch the vineyards mature throughout the season. In our latest video, the Funks walk you through their Riesling vineyards when they are in mid bloom.

Each grape grower in Ontario has a rich story to tell. We want to share the stories with you about the farms, the families and the grapes.

Meet the growers and see the care that goes into growing the grapes that produce the Ontario wines you love Facebook.


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