Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors - Part 3

Posted Mar 27th, 2011

Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors - Part 3

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If that isn't the saddest looking plant you've ever seen, then what the heck are you doing to your own plants?
It's been a while since I posted an update on my adventures in growing garlic indoors this winter. Truth is, not much exciting has happened to warrant the usual video post. The plant has been growing and providing me garlic greens, not performing any amazing tricks.

But now, as it's nearing harvest time, it has taken on a particularly pathetic air. Its once straight stems have slackened. They haven't become particularly robust, staying spindly. And the entire quartet looks like they're on the brink of death, despite my regular watering and keeping them near a source of sunlight.

In a few weeks, I will unearth what lies beneath that potting soil but I have a feeling I have proven Linda, my trusty gardening guru, right. You can't grow garlic in a pot, at least not if your goal is bulbs and not greens.

Last year, I planted garlic in my garden for the first time and the roots morphed into tiny bulbs. Bulbs of Barbie kitchen prop proportions. Still, they were potent, despite their minuscule size and they made that beautiful crunching sound when smashed by my knife. Most importantly, they gave me the satisfaction of having planted and grown garlic myself, even if they would have amounted to duds by seasoned green thumb standards.

I don't think these guys are even going to give me that much. My prediction: the roots will look like little more than that of spring onion.

So in keeping with my other Growing Pains posts, what do you think I'm going to dig up?


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