Posted Mar 27th, 2011


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This morning I awoke to a message from a blogger I follow. She had nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award. It's a pay-it-forward token of appreciation for bloggers from people who enjoy what you do. Definitely a great way to start my Sunday and I'm touched by the gesture. Thank you Marlie of Barefoot and Frolicking fame for thinking of me.

Now, in return, I get to nominate up to 15 other great bloggers for the award and reveal a bit more about myself by sharing seven facts about me — facts that you hopefully don't find too boring.

So, here goes...

  1. Heights make nervous. That glass floor in the CN Tower weirds me right out.
  2. I am trying to learn German after many failed attempts to learn it as a child so that I can finally really talk to my Oma. She's 98 and clearly, time is of the essence.
  3. I became a vegetarian five years ago because I have a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. However, in the past year, I have, on occasion, eaten salmon or mollusks, such as mussels or oysters. My mother, though she will deny it, seems to have a bit of a hard time with me not eating meat and stresses when I come for dinner. I finally conceded and said I would eat some seafood to make her happy. My preference, though, is always a can of lentils or chickpeas.
  4. Kale, swiss chard, collards, pak choy — just mere mention of any leafy green makes my mouth water instantly. These are my favourite foods and if I could eat them all the time, I would.
  5. I moved into a townhouse condo two years ago — my first owned home — because there would be little to no yard maintenance. I love my house but now wish I had a big yard so I could grow a decent garden.
  6. I have two and a half cats. Two are mine and the half cat, Louie, was a stray who wandered into my life last summer. He's schmoozing with the computer monitor as I type this. I took him to be neutered and get his shots last fall and I share in his care with a woman in my condo complex. Unlike my guys, Sonny and Otis, Louie is a going concern for me because he likes to be outside (my guys are indoor cats) and I worry like crazy when he's out roaming.
  7. If I could make a living from eating and writing about food, or from reading books, I wouldn't hesitate. The closest I came was when I was reporter at a local newspaper, a job I left a year ago because I was bullied by a higher up there. He has since been let go. While people would expect I'd delight in his demise, I only feel relief for my former fellow co-workers for no longer having to work under this soul crusher while wishing him well in finding something that will make him truly happy so he never treats anyone so badly again.

Here are the blogs I nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award

Linda Crago: Tree and Twig Farm. She's like a second mom to me and she doesn't ask that I eat fish.

Katie Jobs: outlaw@home. Her craftiness is inspirational.

Kim: Eat Drink Paint. Best art instructor I've ever had.

Shawn Murphy: Flash in the Pan. This guy is driven and has oodles of passion for what he does.

Ali Oppenlaender: Side Order of Tofu. A great mixed-bag blog with one of my favourite pledges ever.

Ron Thiessen: Thiessen Farms. This is one my favourite farm blogs. Slice of life down on the farm.

Ryan and Amanda Thiessen: Creek Shore Farms. Slice of life down of the farm of rookie farmers.

Jewel: It's a nice place to visit. Clearly someone else passionate about Niagara.

Mama__B: A Single Step. Adventures in being the best person she can be.

Kris Morretti: MO FARM Adventures in becoming an urban farmer.

Lilian Schaer: Food and Farming. She blogs about agriculture and does it with integrity.


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