Reconnecting with an old friend over breakfast

Posted Jan 16th, 2010

Reconnecting with an old friend over breakfast

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I live for days like today. In fact, Saturday is, hands down, the best day of the week.

So, in honour of my favourite day, a day free of demands other than what my husband, Steve, or I put on ourselves (or don't), we have started a new tradition of starting off the weekend by going out for breakfast.

We've hit up some of the tried and true greasy spoons — the places with the chipped and curled vinyl floor tiles that you're certain are a lawsuit waiting to happen, wobbly tables, tired wait staff and lots of neighbourhood charm. What might be lacking in decor, but certainly not in character, is made up for in a substantial and satisfying omelette or mastered French toast.

Each time, we try to hit somewhere new, supporting the local joints with early bird specials and the everybody's welcome atmosphere.

But this week, we hit an old favourite that we kind of forgot about since moving to St. Kitt's. It's a little ironic, considering this place is in St. Catharines. But when we were Fenwickers, Pelhamites — whatever you call escarpment dwellers — we made a point of going to The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro on St. Paul West in Western Hill.

Today, we went again and were reminded of why we loved it while wondering how we could forget it. (I think it has something to do with no longer driving past it every day on our way into work.)

The menu is amazing. Pumpkin crepes with whipped cream and maple syrup. Scrambled eggs with goat's cheese, potatoes, and a choice of pork belly (think a really thick slice of bacon only better) or wild boar sausage (no Jimmy Dean anywhere on the premises). Eggs Benedict with Brie or a mushroom truffle omelette with goat's cheese, potato and toast for vegetarians like me.

The Bleu Turtle also does lunch, opening for dinner on special occasions, like Valentine's Day. Fifty bucks will get you a spectacular-sounding three-course meal on the big day.

Done up by Chef Robby, who has been known to also whip up culinary delights The Restaurant at Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery, the emphasis is on using Niagara's bounty in his dishes.  The bread is baked daily and he makes his own spreads, sauces, even the mayonnaise.

The coffee gets the thumbs up from my java-loving husband. There's even a local connection to the caffeinated goodness being doled out at The Bleu Turtle.  It comes from Battagli Coffee Roasters in Niagara Falls. I had no idea we had a local coffee roaster. (Hey, I'm a tea girl).

The service is great and so is the setting, inside and out. The Bleu Turtle is relaxing and modern on the inside — a nice juxtaposition to the gritty, aging industrial scene just outside it's front door.

And you don't have to worry about tripping over any floor tiles. They're ceramic, so you're safe. Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro on Urbanspoon


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