November, November, feels like you've been here all year

Posted Nov 9th, 2009

November, November, feels like you've been here all year

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I hear it's been really warm this past week.

I would know if I had been outside. But instead, I've been cooped up battling the flu — yes, apparently that flu — and missed the mild, spring-like weather.

I also wouldn't know it by looking at my garden. Much as this probably affirms my cluelessness about gardening — I mean, it's November, who's still gardening — I was actually trying my lacklustre green thumb at winter gardening. But just like summer never showed up, winter hasn't either. Not that I'm complaining.

Still, I would have thought that the warm weather would have given my chard, still in the ground from the summer, a boost. Figuring our eternal November of a summer was actually a good warm-up for winter gardening, I optimistically headed to the store to buy some tomato cages for my chard. They were going to be a frame upon which I would throw a clear plastic garbage bag, creating a mini-greenhouse of sorts, to keep one of my favourite leafy greens leafy in the off-season.

Time for Grub Blogs - swisschard
All I want is Swiss Chard, like these beauties from

(Speaking of off-seasons, do herbs need off-seasons? Because mine aren't really growing anymore, but I digress).

The store was out of tomato cages, put in storage for the off-season, so I made do with some bamboo hoops instead and created some very simple structures to help provide me with local greens at a time when they start coming from far, far away.

Problem is, we've had a mild fall and my chard is about the same size it was a month ago when I carefully winterized the plants. Read: not very big. Now, to give some credibility to my ways, I got this advice from my co-blogger and green thumb extraordinaire, Linda. Not trying to drag her reputation through the mud. I'm sure there's an important step I'm missing here but I'm hopeful someone can tell me what it is. (Ahem, Linda?) It all seemed so idiot-proof when I first heard the idea. I had visions of me harvesting signs of summer in the dead of winter. Oh and how delicious they would be.

In the meantime, I guess I'll go dig into my greens from ... New Jersey. Mmmm, tasty, tasty New Jersey.


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